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1st step,preparing:

Quick Start Guide/Getting Started Guide (which nobody reads, but honestly, it is worth taking at least a quick look at)
Your BlackBerry Smartphone 
Lithium Ion battery
Travel Charger
USB Cable (for connecting to desktop computer and charging from desktop computer)
CD-ROM with BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software
Stereo Headset
And in most cases you’ll have some sort of BlackBerry holster or pouch 

BlackBerry Data Setup
Setting up your BlackBerry email is a relatively easy process, both when it comes to setting up a brand new account and especially for down the road when you want put a different BlackBerry onto your data account.

Here are the basic steps to setting up a new account:
Find your Carrier’s BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) websiteSelect Create New Account
Enter in your BlackBerry’s Device Pin and Device IMEI
Select your email address to be used with the device
Customize your BIS Settings (Send from Address, Keep copies of outgoing messages in Sent folder, Signature, etc.
Once complete, you will receive a Welcome to BlackBerry email from the Activation Server on your BlackBerry, letting you know you are good to go. You now are connected to the BIS which will enable your device to send/receive email, surf the web, use BlackBerry messenger and other applications that require data transfer.

if you have an existing BIS account and want to put a different BlackBerry on it: 
Login to your BIS account
Go to Profile
Select Change Handheld
Enter the PIN and IMEI of your New Device
If you receive a message saying your Device is Not Found/Does Not Exist, on your BlackBerry go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > hit the menu key and > Register Now

This will Register the device on your local carrier’s network and then you will be able to add the device PIN/IMEI to your BIS account (I’ve found this additional step necessary a few times when setting up unlocked phones from the US carriers on my Rogers account in Canada.

locating Your Devices PIN and IMEI: This information can be found: 
On the outside of the box of your new BlackBerry
On the BlackBerry, under Options > Status
On your device’s Help Me Screen. Hit Caps, Alt, H on QWERTY models to bring up the help screen.

Advanced Help:
As with any electronic gadget, a million things can crop up that will turn what should be a relatively easy process into a nightmare (in this case a Nightmare on Berry Street). But there’s good news – help is always close at hand in the CrackBerry forums. If you’re not a member, become one, and the CrackBerry community will help you out with your specific problems quickly! Just be sure to provide as much information as possible (Device Model, Carrier, and specifics) when stating your problem.

Get Personal
With your BlackBerry data set-up, you are now ready to let loose and get personal with your BlackBerry. When it comes to discovering and getting the most out of your BlackBerry, there is one critical key to always remember – the BlackBerry menu/option key (on trackball models it’s the button immediately left to the trackball; on trackwheel models you push in on the wheel to bring up the menu). The BlackBerry menu is freakishly smart, and will always have the option (and more) that you are looking for. Go into different applications and menus on your BlackBerry, hit the menu key, and you’ll be amazed at what you discover. That’s how you Discover BlackBerry.

We’ll get into more device functions on later lectures, but I want to leave you with three of my must-do BlackBerry personalization techniques that you may want to try:
Hide and Move Icons – on your BlackBerry desktop you can hide the icons/shortcuts that you don’t use (hit the menu key on the icon you want to hide and select Hide) and you can also reorder icons (hit the menu key on the icon you want to move, select move, use your trackball/trackwheel to relocate it and hit enter). My 1, 2, 3 is always Email, Phone, BlackBerry Messenger.
TrackBall Sensitivity – By default it’s 70%, which I find TOO slow. Go to Options > Screen/Keyboard and you can change the Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivity of the Trackball. I recommend 80%.
Convenience Keys – While in this same menu, you can program your Right and Left Side Convenience keys. I like having my Curve’s Camera on the Right Convenience key, and the Application Switcher on the Left.

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