celluler phone the business organiser

In this age of communication when business and work depends entirely on how quickly one can reach the customer or business partner, the mobile phone is indeed a necessity. Decisions have to be made so quickly and messages and instructions have to be conveyed so speedily that the mobile phone is a tool that every employee, employer and customer, whether it is a student or house maker, has to necessarily carry if he or she wishes to stay tuned to the market forces. Today there is a certain immediacy about every action and communication has to happen almost at the speed of thought itself. The mobile phone conveys a sense of urgency in this frenetic race of business. Most working people therefore opt for mobile phones that promise all the business application like multimedia, Wi-Fi connectivity, camera and ruggedness to stand the wear and tear of daily life.  

Along with other common features most astute users now prefer buy mobile phones that have some special features to offer. A slim phone is preferred and which is naturally light weight and can be carried around in one’s pocket or handbag or hung round one’s neck without causing any strain whatsoever. Apart from this a colour display screen with controls that can be operated by touch is preferred. The interface is friendly and easy to operate too. The numeric key pad for dialling the number can be dependent on speaker or independent of it, just as one chooses. The one vital feature is of course the organiser with contacts, email and calendar along with clock and alarm. These are the barest essentials that are found in all mobile phones, whatever the brand, but a jack to help connect it to headsets, USB and external memory is increasingly in demand. Long battery life should be ensured, a minimum of seven hours of talk time should be an assured feature. Some also have a standby life of about 262-4 hours.

The internal RAM memory of 128 MB can also be increased if need be. Some users prefer the hands free speaker phones which enables them to keep their hands free and unhindered for driving, and a special car kit. This is useful when users spend long hours commuting or travelling. Other features include call forward, call wait, call divert, speed dialling etc. There is also a provision for conference calling and video calling. Incoming calls will also be notified with the help of the vibration alert. Some mobiles also obey voice commands for dialling and recording.

Some mobile phones also offer Wi-Fi connectivity along with most of the features found in a computer. Email and surfing the net becomes very easy wherever one is at a given time. There are Camera mobile phones in the market with varied resolutions from 1.5MP, 5MP through to 8MP mobile phones.

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