Samsung J700 (unlock)

Samsung J700 unlock without data cable or software

This method is maybe known for some of you , i test it for some models (like E250 ,J700 ..) and i think , it can work for all other models ..
It's easy ,no risk at all , no cable , no drivers , but need to be handled well

Today i test it on J700 , as we know ,many of us have a bad result after using box to unlock that fone ,, (bad Imei ,bad BT adress ... ) but with this method ,, EVERYTHING is FiNe
1- Power on fone ,, type : *#7465625#
you will identify wich code is active , wich is inactive

2- Remove battery ,, Put your sim card , not all of it ,, just to prepare it to be full inserted , put your battery back and power on fone ,, you must see " insert sim" not "invalid sim.."

3- type : *2767*3855#
your fone should restart after 1 min ,,

now ,, and before it restart , push your sim card ,,without removing battery

4- your fone should work and accept the sim card ,, but if you chek locks you will find that your fone is still Loked
5- now type : *7465685*638*00000000*00000000#
your UNLOCK CODE is 00000000 now , hh Enjoy

6- now , back to Locks table with : *#7465625# ,, and for each active code you can disable it ,,,here details :
* Disables CP lock : #7465625*27*00000000#
* Disables Network lock : #7465625*638*00000000#

* Disables SIM lock : #7465625*746*00000000#

* Disables SP lock : #7465625*77*00000000#

* Disables Subset lock : #7465625*782*00000000#

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  1. wow!! its work dude.

  2. thank you............ :)

  3. Hi

    Iam Using a NOKIA 2365i mobile & i got the unlock instructions as well as unlock code from mobil-unlocker solutions. Shall i use another network in this model & resell it


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