Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup to Find a Caller's Identity

A reverse phone number service comes handy in crucial situations when you have to find out the identity of a person, you do not know. One of the easiest ways to find out the origin of an unknown phone number is by using an online search engine like Google or Yahoo. However this works to a certain extent however, chances are that you may not find the desired results for either one or all numbers you wish to try. It is simply because search engines can only read available text online but can not read the databases, if it is protected by password. In some cases, you may also need to do reverse phone lookup to find the source of unknown number when you keep receiving calls from the telemarketing companies who market or indulge in ‘mass calling’ practices to other people.

A better option is to use a free phone directory like white pages. Here you have to key in the phone number and the database will spring up the number. But this helps find out information on landline or fixed phone numbers only; residential as well as businesses. It does not serve much of importance if you want to trace cell phone numbers. You do have an option to subscribe to a cell phone directory but that again is not quite fruitful because cell phone directories are not updated often. Also, you may have to subscribe to more than one directory because the caller may not be using the mobile service provider that you have.

The best option to go for is the reverse telephone number service. It is a comprehensive service that helps you get enough information about the caller, be it the name, address, name of the mobile service provider and also other miscellaneous information. With the kind of information that you can get from a reverse telephone number service, you can even run a background check on a person to get all sorts of information possible about him.

One may have to shell out a small amount for finding information about fixed or cell phone numbers in the reverse telephone look up service, primarily due to two reasons. One is because the reverse phone number service has to spend money and time to find out information about certain numbers from cell phone service providers. Also cell phone service providers do not believe in making numbers public because of the privacy factor. However the small fee that you pay to the reverse phone number lookup services has its own merits.

The reverse telephone number can work like a private detective giving you the right clues about a person. You need to key in a particular number with the area code and you will be able to get enough identity about the caller. There is no charge for finding information about a caller who uses the landline or cell phone number. Law enforcers have been using the reverse phone lookup services with success. Now you can do the same and keep harassing and pesky callers at bay, by using the reverse telephone number service.

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